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Bishop Howard Luther Chase 


If all the feathers were turned into pens, all the oceans into ink, and all the trees into paper, they would not be sufficient to write and record all the mighty acts of the only wise God.

    Bishop Howard LutherChase
Active Leader
1931 – 1947


Throughout the ages, God called men from the career of their choice and molded them into vessels of honour that they may convey to the nation, His holy word and tell of His mighty acts. As God called Moses from tending his father –in–law’s flock at Mount Horeb and sent him into Egypt to deliver his people from bondage, David from the herd to make him king over his people, Peter from his net as a fisherman to be His follower and Saul from his high horse on the road to Damascus to persecute the Saints of Christ, so He called Howard Luther Chase of the United States from his medical career and made him a chosen vessel, to be a messenger of the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

 In the year 1903, Howard Luther Chase joined the Church of God and Saints of Christ in his native land and was ordained to the ministry by Prophet, William S. Crowdy.  As Elder Chase, he exemplified good ministry. He opened new fields and became pastor of the Tabernacle in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He was appointed an Evangelist –at –large prior to his assignment to the West Indies. He was truly a dedicated servant and in the year 1914 he was appointed by the late Chief Joseph Crowdy as the leader of the church in the West Indies.

It was not until 1923, however, that he arrived in the West Indies, making Cuba his first stop and a tabernacle was set up there. He spent approximately seven years there.  He encountered difficult times his wife even fell asleep there.  However, Jamaicans who had joined the church and were returning home encouraged him to journey with them to Jamaica.   Interestingly, at the burial of his wife, it was a Jamaican man who assisted him in carrying his wife to the graveside.  Bishop Chase subsequently came to Jamaica by boat Chisleu (December) 12, 1930, in the company of Brother Hugh Levy, Sister Rose Levy and their two children Pauline and Hugh, St. Hemma Cook, St. Virginia and Sister Dalton.

On his arrival to Jamaica, Bishop Chase was fascinated with the beautiful scenery, lush vegetation, mountain range, bright sunshine and the ocean that he composed the song, “I can see far on the mountain.”  With his rare ability as a churchman, the work took root and a Tabernacle was first established at 85 Windward Road, later at Regent Street, Sutton Street and East Street. This was due to the rapid growth and expansion of the church. On occasions, people had to stand in the church yard as Elder Chase unfolded the mysteries of God. The singers gave support in singing the melodious Songs of Zion. He spent 17 years in Jamaica and established branches of the church throughout the island.

During his tenure, he was ordained a Bishop by Bishop Howard Z Plummer, the then leader of the Church of God and Saints of Christ. His territory embraced the West Indies, Central and South America and Bermuda. Souls were added. Baptisms were performed frequently as the Lord added to the church such as should be saved.

 The church took on its proper form and members were assigned offices according to the Constitution. Brothers were ordained to the ministry and missionary daughters were given their credentials. The first Passover was held at 59 East Queen Street with full regalia for brothers and daughters alike. On this occasion, the city was stirred and people admired the glorious sight of God’s church in these latter times. This pioneer missionary was indeed a teacher sent form God having received his training in the ministry from the Restorer/Founder of the Church of God and Saints of Christ. He was able to loose the seals and opened the Book that men and women who came in contact with him were influenced by his magnetic vision and wisdom of God. Many made their decision to serve the true and living God.

 After forty years of strenuous labour in the gospel ministry, Bishop Chase began to decline in health. He departed this life on Adar 18, 1947. As a man of vision, he appointed a young man, Evangelist-at-large W.C. Hamilton as his successor.

 Bishop Howard Chase is remembered as a great preacher of righteousness, for his humility and his love for children.  A Church Hall was erected at 10 Lockett Ave, Kingston and was dedicated in his honour in 2003 by the current leader, Bishop Purcell N. Brown.   We treasure Bishop Chase’s memory and bless the Lord for his life and works in this island of Jamaica.

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