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    Bishop Witlive Charles Hamilton
       Active Leader
1948 – 1990


Witlive Charles Hamilton was born in the year 1914.  He was the third of eight children.  From an early age it was noted that he was a mild tempered and committed individual.  At the age of 17 years, Bro. Witlive Hamilton became a member of the Church of God and Saints of Christ in 1931.  He was introduced to the faith by his older brother Edgerton who was already a member.  (Edgerton Hamilton later became Evangelist-at-large and Pastor of the tabernacle in Spanish Town.)


The first office held by Bro. Hamilton was that of Shepherd Boy.  He was very faithful and committed to his post, always striving to be on time for his services.  He was later elevated to the office of an Elder.  He and his brother, Edgerton, were ordained by Bishop Chase in 1938.

Elder Hamilton married St. Albertine Campbell in 1940.  (She later became a Sister Evangelist.)  The union produced five (5) children, one of whom died as a baby at home on a Sabbath morning.  This situation was one that tested Bishop Hamilton’s faith and commitment as leader of the Diocese.  Like Job, Bishop Hamilton, said “the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord.”  He then proceeded on his way to the mountain of the Lord’s house to host the service of the Lord.


Evangelist-at-large Hamilton (as he was at that time) was named successor by Bishop Chase in 1948.  As an Evangelist-at-large he patiently continued the work in difficult times.

The headquarters was removed from 59 East Queen Street, Kingston to 8 Lockett Avenue, Kingston 4, JWI due to the 1951 Storm, “Charlie”. This address was entrenched in the constitution as the location of the headquarters of the diocese and remains the same to this day.


In 1962, Bishop Howard Z. Plummer (successor to Bishop William H. Plummer and Counselor Calvin Skinner) and his entourage came to Jamaica and during his talk on the Sabbath, he denied the divinity of Christ in contradiction to the scripture (Hebrews 1:1-14) and the doctrine as taught to us by the Prophet of God). This caused a division in the church. It was a sad time.


Although he was well supported by some, Bishop Hamilton had some strong opposition from Elders Armstrong, Campbell and Levy to name a few.  Elder Levy played a large role in the split/ division that occurred in the Church.  Bishop Hamilton, however, stood his ground and continued steadfastly in the doctrine of Jesus Christ; as brought to us by the Prophet of God and taught by his predecessor, Bishop Chase.


On about the year 1963, not wishing to be isolated, Evangelist Edgerton C. Hamilton was sent by the leader, Evangelist-at-large W. C. Hamilton, to Missouri to have dialogue with Bishop Person, but found no rest there. In 1964, Evangelist-at-large W. C. Hamilton and Elder Watt visited Newark, New Jersey, another faction of the church.  That year, Evangelist-at-Large W. C. Hamilton was appointed a Bishop by the late Bishop J. W. Dickerson.

During his tenure as leader of the Diocese, Bishop W. C. Hamilton served well.  He was discreet, merciful and temperate in judgment.  Bishop Hamilton had with him some very strong supporting Ministers, such as: Evangelist E. C. Hamilton, Evangelist Milton Lewis, Elders Bartley, Evangelist Jerrick Dennis, Elder Eric Parchment, Elders Leonard and Ferdinand Watson, Evangelist Purcell Brown, Evangelist Michael Hamilton and Deacon Clarke.  During his tenure, he established a tabernacle in Bath, St. Thomas under the pastorship of Elder Leonard Watson and another in Old Harbour under the pastorship of Elder Watt.   Tabernacles were already established in St. Mary and Morant Bay, St. Thomas during the leadership of Bishop Chase.


Bishop Hamilton continued his leadership of the church in Jamaica until 1990. However Bishop W.C Hamilton’s failing health included lost of sight in the latter part of the 1980’s but he was ably assisted by his son, Evang. Michael Hamilton who subsequently migrated to the USA prior to Bishop Hamilton’s passing.  During this period, Elder Oral Bloomfield served as assistant pastor to Bishop W.C Hamilton; a position of credibility & devotion performed as a young man.  


Bishop Hamilton departed this life on the 03rd (Thammuz) July, 1990.   Prior to his passing, on his last Sabbath at the Headquarters in Kingston, (Sivan) June 30, 1990, Bishop Hamilton came before the congregation and appointed Evangelist Purcell N. Brown as his successor. Elder Oral Bloomfield continued as assistant pastor and a year later, Evang Purcell Brown assumed the leadership of the Diocese.   Evangelist Brown was later ordained a Bishop by the Board of Presbytery.

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